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I am so happy that you have decided to visit my blog!!  It is my hope that your life will be enriched with the material you find on my site.  First of all, I invite you to review some basic material that has been organized into seven “Pages” (or, “sections”).  These seven Pages serve as the background for future articles and lessons that I will develop and post to my site over time.  While it is not essential, I strongly suggest that you review each of the Pages before you begin the in-depth study of my lessons.  Below are links that will take you to each of the seven Pages:

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You can also access this background material by using the menu items above the three crosses at the top of all of the Pages and Posts on my Blog site.

Once you have reviewed the background material you can launch into one of my articles or Bible Study series of lessons.  For example, you can access my first Bible study series, The Gospel of John.   There are seventy lessons covering each and every chapter and verse along with an Introduction, an Overview and a Summary.  I trust that you will find these lessons inspirational.

romans2As of April, 2020, I embarked on a new project to develop an additional series of lessons on The Book of Romans.  That effort has been completed and there are now twenty two lessons covering the entire Book of Romans.

In early 2022 I added a new section to my blog, At Large Lessons and Articles, so I can post other Articles and Lessons as they are completed.  The first such Lesson, The Demanding Requirements of Discipleship, is now available.

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